Keeping Clean

Keeping Clean

The subject keeping clean is key to us all especially in these times that the world is battling a deadly virus. You might want to assume that everyone knows the importance of keeping clean, but are all humans truly clean? Does your environment truly reflect the existence of such knowledge and habit? To begin, let’s see some of the reason why we all should stay clean naturally and spiritually. (Psalms 51:7)

Seen as Dirty

In the natural, if you allow yourself to be seen as dirty, you will very easily lose friends and destroy relationships. Top People tend to bond more with people that are smart, clean and attractive. You lose more by being dirty. (Isaiah 64:6)

In the spirit, if we allow our spirit person to be dirty, we also would destroy our relationship with our God. God relates with clean souls. He challenges us throughout the scriptures to be clean. Cleanliness is God’s nature. To be like God, you should not be spiritually dirty. Commit yourself to God and his Word for a spiritual cleansing. (2 Corinthians 6:17)

Smelling Awful

In the natural, unclean and dirty people usually have very bad and terrible smell. They smell like trash and inconvenience people with their presence. (Revelation 18:2)

In the spirit, demons have this very nature. This is the very reason the bible refers to them as foul spirits because of their foul smell and, of course, their foul lifestyles. If your spirit man is not clean, it sure would smell like a foul spirit. You must develop clean habits and attitudes, not the kind that smell awful and irritates God and people. (Mark 9:25; Revelation 18:2)

Sick to Death

In the natural, the painful reality for many is that they become sick because of the dirt and filth they surround themselves with and eventually introduce into their body system. These junks have led to the deaths of many people and many still have not considered the need to keep clean to prevent sickness and untimely deaths. (Job 36:14; Revelation 18:2)

In the spirit, impure living destroys faith. Faith is like a believer’s immune system. The bible calls it a shield to quench fiery darts. One who prefers to introduce filthy thoughts, imaginations and ideas into oneself would be destroying his faith immunity. Spiritual death occurs when sin (uncleanliness) takes over the person. Allowing your inner man to be infiltrated with uncleanliness is handing oneself to be destroyed painfully. Live by God’s word and cleanse yourself with the Word and Fellowship. (Ephesians 5:26; Psalms 119:9; Psalms 119:9)

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