SN Activity Maximum Duration in Minutes Activity must start on or before To be handled by
1 Prayer Session 10 8.00am
2 Worship and Praise 15 8.10am
3 Welcome to IHNBC + Prayers for first time guests 10 8.25am
4 Choir Ministration + Worship 10 8.35am The Holies and Voice of Grace
5 The Word and Ministration 45 8.45am Florence Jornsen
6 Testimonies, Offering and Tithe 10 9.30am Tonye Macauley
7 Announcements and Gifts to Guests 10 9.40am Blessing Macauley
8 Altar Call and Benediction 10 9.50am Steward Godwin Jornsen
9 Rehearsals, Meetings, Chats and Pleasantries 0 10.00am


Announcements should be brief and most of them should be referenced from the projector screen. Focus announcements on upcoming events and key information. Also remember to announce important information that are not made available on the screen.

Welcome to IHNBC:

Welcome to IHNBC is not a time for a lengthy sermon. Main teaching for the service would certainly come during THE WORD. Use that moment to prepare the hearts of the people towards that and other great things that would happen to them during the service. Remember to tell the people what IHNBC is about and what our mission and vision is for the future. Make the guests very welcome and leave them positively ready to be part of the next service and events.


Every event coordinator should know what he/she is required to do and how long that person is expected to do that. Do not spend all the time allotted to you. That is the maximum time you are allowed to use and not the time you must use. Leave about 2 minutes of that time for transition between your event and the next event. Handover to the next person immediately you are given the signal (Signals would only come when you have exceeded the reasonable wait time). Do make sure that the person coming after you, starts on or before the start time specified for him/her.